Using Azure Functions in C# and SendGrid to Create a Serverless solution for Emailing Reports

I found a great resource for building a serverless report server with azure functions that was using javascript so I thought I would make a version using C#. The Problem We have a task tracking application where we want task owners to be alerted about tasks that are due the next day, and managers to be alerted when a task is overdue. Alerts should be delivered through email everyday at 8:00 AM. Dependencies Send Grid Account Solution To simplify the query that we have to send from the Azure Function, we created… Read More

Using Azure REST interface with Postman and PowerShell Az module

I recently got the need to access Azure through its REST interface and thought that it was a good opportunity to acquaint myself with the fairly new PowerShell Az module. The Az module will replace AzureRM, introducing shorter commands, higher stability, and cross platform support. Now before rushing of and installing the Az module uninstall AzureRM first, installing both will render your system unusable and will be a pain to clean up. My original motivation for this was accessing reports generated by the Azure API Management (APIM). This can be achieved by… Read More

byBrick Development IoT Conference 2018 on Tynningsö

Update: for some reason this post was un-published, so re-posting it again.. Wow I say!! Just wow! It was one helluva awesome weekend! On Friday the 19th of October we all filed away to Tynningsö, located in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm (Waxholm), for a weekend of IoT, socialising and insights. We had rented a very nice house on the island and 10 of us headed off. The agenda was: Friday night Prep. approx. 10 Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Eat and be merry Future Planning and Presentation(s) Group work – more prep… Read More