Using Azure Functions in C# and SendGrid to Create a Serverless solution for Emailing Reports

I found a great resource for building a serverless report server with azure functions that was using javascript so I thought I would make a version using C#. The Problem We have a task tracking application where we want task owners to be alerted about tasks that are due the next day, and managers to be alerted when a task is overdue. Alerts should be delivered through email everyday at 8:00 AM. Dependencies Send Grid Account Solution To simplify the query that we have to send from the Azure Function, we created… Read More

Gilded Rose TDD & Refactoring Kata

As part of my summer learning plan, I also wanted to practice refactoring and test driven development. I have been doing the Gilded Rose refactoring kata  for the past 3 days and I have to say that it is really a great way to practice. After every iteration, I noticed an improvement in the code that I was producing and also in the way that I arrive at the solution. I put my code up on github but it was only in the second and third days that i started creating branches for the solutions… Read More