Azure Event Grid

Azure Event Grid is a platform as a service offering (PaaS) which is an event routing mechanism that helps you to subscribe to events. There can be different modes of communication where message can be transmitted from one party to other. One-way Bi-Directional Push and Pull mechanism etc Azure offers various messaging service like – Notification Hubs – where you can Push mobile notifications Logic Apps – which helps you to Schedule, build and automate processes (Workflows) Azure Service Bus – Exchanging information between 2 parties. Topics, Queues and Relays Azure Event… Read More

Create SQL database on Azure using PowerShell and access from on Premises Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

SQL Azure is cloud database-as-a-service provided by Microsoft cloud. The best part is that the data is hosted and managed by Microsoft data centers. We can build our applications on premises and move our data to cloud. Azure SQL model provides: Elastic database pools – Allows you to provisioned 1000’s of database table as you need. Grow and shrink based on your requirement. Azure hosted database Pay for only what you use (no of plans available) Auto-scale Also enable Geo-replication for disaster recovery Reduces hardware cost and maintenance In this example, we… Read More