byBrick Development IoT Conference 2018 on Tynningsö

Update: for some reason this post was un-published, so re-posting it again..

Wow I say!! Just wow! It was one helluva awesome weekend!

On Friday the 19th of October we all filed away to Tynningsö, located in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm (Waxholm), for a weekend of IoT, socialising and insights.

We had rented a very nice house on the island and 10 of us headed off.


The cabin we hired in Tynningsö

The agenda was:

  • Friday night
    • Prep. approx. 10 Raspberry Pi 3 B+
    • Eat and be merry
    • Future Planning and Presentation(s)
    • Group work – more prep of the Pi
  • Saturday
    • 4hrs “intro” to Azure IoT from a trainer
    • Group work – think value, IoT
    • Dinner
    • Group work – spent time well past midnight
  • Sunday
    • Group work – presentation, final touches
    • Solution presentation
    • Home

What was so cool about this weekend, was the intense engagement that was across the board. We split up into two teams and gave everybody free reign on the sensors, touch screens et al that was brought along with us. The aim was to learn a bit more about IoT, get some hands-on experience with the newest cloud trends and focus on practical applications.

We had a trainer from 1337, Mats Tornberg, who was incredibly enthusiastic giving us the intro to Azure IoT services and set us off on our own path.

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