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At byBrick Development the culture is focused around the sharing of knowledge.


To that effect we run a program called byKnowledge and as part of byKnowledge we have a special session type called Pecha Kucha.

Pecha Kucha Format

The format is very simple and invites 4-5 different presentations from individual members of byBrick Development.

  • Session length is 7 mins in duration
  • Topic can be anything, including non-technical

pkn-hassanThe idea is to showcase and share knowledge in a very succint manner. It is very effective and also allow us to get to know out colleagues a little better.

The byKnowledge, and by extension Pecha Kucha events run monthly for us and we continue to improve on the format and style.

The topics from last night

We had a great range of topics last night, the focus here was more technical in nature, but previously we have even had “Stress Management” on the list.

pkn crew bybrick development

Part of the byBrick Development crew

Benefits of sharing knowledge

We work in an industry where it is nigh on impossible to be aware of every single aspect.

In order to gain an incremental curve of learning and knowledge, we work through our own experiences and share it with our colleagues.

Aside from attending conferences, meetups and training we gain exponentially by collectively sharing the information we gain.

As the opening stated, it is heavily embedded in our culture and it’s a testament to the people we work with that we get the opportunity to learn from their real life experiences.

CFO asks his CEO: What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave the company?

CEO answers: What happens if we don’t, and they stay?

I know!! it’s a meme that’s done the rounds for years now – but honestly, it’s a paradigm which is incredibly accurate in its message.

Cultural Aspects

pkn-touhisaariCreating a culture where focus is on giving our people the ability to change and adapt. It’s not something which is all that common but it’s a strong focus for us.

Luckily our consultants have embraced this and we continued to adopt and embrace new ideas – it is the core of what byBrick is all about.



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