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Why publish a blog?

This is probably a question a lot of non-techie companies would ask and this post is here to explain why we, at byBrick Development, decided to publish a blog.

First of all, we have a group of extremely creative and highly competent technical practitioners and what better way for us to share some of this knowledge than to write a blog about it.

Our core competencies are focused on Office 365, Integration and bespoke .Net solutions where many of our consultants have in excess of 10, 15 or even 20 years experience in the industry.

We are a highly diverse group of consultants, with people from all over the world, which
bBD Officesis yet another particularity about byBrick Development that sets us apart from many other consultancies.

Another particularity is that many of our consultants are actively engaged in knowledge sharing and believe strongly in it. So much so that it has been on their wishlist for quite some time that we set up a blog.

So what can be expected from this blog?

Seeing as there are a huge amount of experience amongst our consultants, it’s really very hard to specify just a single (or even a handful) of topics that will appear here. We promise that we will ensure that we have a great deal of spread across all of our technical and business knowledge.

But who are we?


The industry’s best IT Consultants…

We have chosen to focus on a small number of technologies and approaches in order to offer the best IT consultants in the areas where we operate. Our consultants are characterised by a unique ability to combine deep technical expertise with an understanding of various business needs and challenges.

IT should be as simple and cost-effective as possible. We work with proven platforms and standards so avoid locking our customers in systems and solutions that only we, or a few other providers can maintain and develop further. Our development methods provides full transparency with our customers, from costing to project management and status.

Our customers choose us because we are the best at what we do!


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